Steeds meer ondernemers denken Europees of mondiaal. Dat is een mooi streven maar leidt er bijvoorbeeld ook toe dat steeds meer persberichten in het Nederlandstalige spraakgebied in correct geschreven… Engels worden aangeboden.

Omdat MotoPlus en MotoPluslezers zo’n ruim denkraam hebben dat we ons zeker niet laten beperken door zoiets bedachts als grenzen of (buiten het WK) nationalisme geven we bij deze eens een compleet persbericht door in zijn originele vorm. De informatie is het lezen zeker waard. En het Engels geeft je alvast een stukje vakantiegevoel.

S300, S301, S450, S221… these are the codes identifying the accessories produced by GIVI, to resolve any mishaps that may occur during a motorcycle or scooter journey. Let’s not underestimate them.

Do engines now run like clockwork? Well, it’s always possible to run out of petrol. Is a tyre puncture a relatively rare occurrence? It depends on the destination. Let’s not even mention luggage, always at risk when we leave our vehicle unattended, even just for a couple of minutes. And don’t forget to take into account any scrapes or bruises… which need to be medicated immediately.
It’s quite likely that many of you have clocked up hundreds of miles without any hitches… but according to the old adage “better safe than sorry”, being prepared for any contingency is the right and logical manner to take on any motorcycle or scooter journey.
GIVI, with your safety in mind has added these “travel essentials” to its extensive catalogue.
S300 Breakdown Safety Kit. Includes a warning triangle reflector and a reflective vest. In the event of a breakdown at the roadside, place the triangle at the appropriate distance and put on the reflective vest to improve your visibility to oncoming traffic. Packed into a slender and sturdy zipped bag, measuring w44xl70xh70 mm.
S301 First aid kit. Designed specifically for the motorcycle/scooter rider, this “first aid travel kit” (DIN13167 compliant) contains not only bandages, gauze and adhesive tape but also additional self-adhesive bandages, scissors, disposable gloves and an emergency sheet. Although it’s a kit that anyone could put together, GIVI provides a ready to use package, neatly sealed in its own bag. It’s a must-have… for not only long-distances but also each time you hop on board.
S450 Tubeless tyre repair kit. Well the name says it all! This classic tubeless tyre repair kit in a GIVI pouch contains numerous items: 3 CO2 cans, 1 connector with valve, 1 flexible tube, 1 cutter, 5 sealing strips, 2 specific puncture repair tools, 1 tube of adhesive. To all extents, all you need to repair and inflate a tyre, even in the wilderness.
S221 Lock is a padlock on a steel cable, used to avoid GIVI’s soft bags (equipped with special rings on the main zip) being opened. It is multi-purpose and for instance can be used to rapidly attach the helmet to the motorcycle during brief stop-offs. The coiled cable is sufficiently long and the padlock has a combination.

For prices and for more information, please contact GIVI distributor:

Phone: + 31 342493177 – e-mail:

En we zijn er stiekem natuurlijk wel trots op dat Motolux een Nederlands bedrijf is 🙂

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